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Cowboy has years of logistics experience in many different industries. Overtime we have served countless businesses with their expediting needs. From our devotion to customer satisfaction we have learned about the time sensitive products many industries have. In addition we know what it takes to handle and take care of high multi million dollar freight. It is our expertise today that separates us from our competitors. Anything from small letters to large aircraft parts are treated with the utmost importance.  



The Cowboy team is a Family. Our diverse team is kind, honest, and respectful. We keep professional team members available 24/7 for your support. With an open door/open phone line policy for each other our team never has to face any challenges alone. It is our team work that keeps this company standing strong and expanding.  



Cowboy utilizes some of the latest tech offering our customers live updates and support. In addition we have developed hiring and training methods that allow our clients to relax knowing their freight is in trusted hands. Our various types of trucks and trailers allows us to take on any freight imaginable. We have even accommodated some of our close clients by constructing custom made trailers to fit specific freight for a more secure and safe delivery all while making the loading and unloading process save time which means saving money for our customers.  



Cowboy USA LLC has successfully been independently and privately owned since 1997. Starting as a small localized expediting company, we quickly grew farther outreaching into multiple cities and states. Beginning in the small town of Walterboro, SC we now operate as far as out to Tennessee. For our customers there is no limit to how far we will go to ensure satisfaction. We pride ourself on being a family business that approaches every day with safety as our first and foremost priority. As a team we work diligently to ensure each pick up and delivery is handled with the best quality and care all in a timely matter. To read more about our owner Tommie Derry and how we got started click here.