Logistic Industries


The below industries are fields of work we have many years of experience with. Though Cowboy is equipped to handle any and all freight, our expertise on these different industries allows us to save our customers money by saving time and providing fluent services.


The Aviation field has presented us with many challenges throughout the years. Cowboy knows all the ins and outs for handling very expensive and sensitive freight. We specialize in oversized loads and have developed many relationships with our neighbors to make the process easy. We have the necessary certifications, experienced drivers, and contacts that allow us to make these moves with minimized complications. Our team stays on top of traffic reports for any construction or road work that may cause issues. Our knowledge on aircraft parts and the importance of each piece makes Cowboy a great asset to this industry. 

Airplane Engine


Medical equipment and supplies are always needed to keep our community members healthy. Without a strong healthy community our families would fall apart. We base the success of our company off of Family and Love. It warms our hearts when our team is chosen to transport anything in the medical field. It is our own way of helping contribute to saving lives. Cowboy supports and honors our healthcare providers and facilities as heroes. The urgent need for these products to be available are well understood because someone's life could depend on it. Getting our shipments there safely and secured is top priority. 

Desk with Stethoscope


The entertainment industry can be very different from other businesses. Time is of the essence when there is a crowd or audience waiting. With tight schedules and managing a budget we do always do our best to be early and accurate for our customers. As a team we take all the necessary planning to avoid any delays and mistakes. It is our reliability that allows us to continue being apart of this industry. Keeping our customers happy means we are keeping their customers happy. 

Film Set


Without the Automotive Industry Cowboy and many other businesses would not exist. The world we live in thrives off of transportation and our economy relies on it. Because of this we take great pride in being a part of the automotive industry. We understand the need for your customers to have their automotive products and parts in a timely manner to keep their lives moving at a steady pace. Cowboy is all about Transportation and we heavily rely on getting our parts for the trucks in order to continue operation. 

Stacked Tires


Cowboy has all the certifications and permits required to meet hazardous materials. All of our team members are put through additional hazmat training in addition to being hazmat certified. This training is also regularly renewed for our drivers to maintain being safe on the road. With all our drivers being hazmat certified you can rest peacefully knowing your dangerous goods are in good hands. Cowboy transports hazardous materials on a daily basis and we make great efforts to make sure each driver has experience with handling hazmat loads. Our safety team works closely with our drivers to make sure we placard our loads and get these shipments to their delivery location as we received them. Preventive drills prevent spills. Our daily experience with hazmat makes a number 1 selection for expediting transport needs. 



With many of our regular clients we have made arrangements to take care of their scraps such as big wooden boxes, pallets, steel, and etc. We haul to the shippers choice of disposal whether that be another local business recycling the scraps or a landfill such as Carolina Waste. Most waste that we haul comes in all shapes and sizes requiring extra time to safely and securely load. All of our drivers upon hire are put with another driver to earn experience in this field as we are constantly moving this freight. Providing our drives with the necessary equipment such as straps and etc allows our team to move this oddly shaped freight safely. Keeping a clean environment is very important to Cowboy. With the roads free of debris and other trash we are able to operate our transportation safely and understand our neighbors need that same reliability on the road. We have no tolerance for moving anything that is not 100% secured. If you have waste that you need hauled off Cowboy will take care of it. 

Bark & Woodchip